During the pre-production stage, we receive the script from the client and research on it, brainstorming aspects like the characters to be used and the mood of the production. We then organize the images selected on a story board and send it to the client for approval, before inserting the voice overs.

When all this is done we assemble an animatic (a preliminary animation) for the client to get a feel of what the final video will look like.

During the design stage, we create the characters for the animation and develop their personalities. We then create a digital puppet with controls that allow it to be moved around in the character animation stage. We then add texture and lighting, and design the props and environment in which the character is expected to operate. Lastly, we stack up all the elements of the scene in preparation for the animation stage.

In the production stage, we compose the shots, referring to the story boards to get the timing right. We then add other elements into the scenes, for example smoke or dust. The animation is then converted into viewable formats for multiple devices like TVs, computers and phones. This is the longest of all the animation processes.

Finally in the post production stage, we edit the animation and correct any mistakes, add soundtracks and music and lastly deliver the project to the client.