SirNare Animation Studios is an animation studio based in Nairobi Kenya, founded in October 2015.

The company has a team of young, experienced, and immensely qualified individuals who possess the drive to set trends in the creative industry through the delivery of innovative, professional, and high-quality content.

SirNare Animation Studios helps you sell your unique story through affordable, quality & creative solutions saving up to 80% of time spent on concept creation.

Our Mission and Vision


To be the number one studio choice for Africa.


To ascertain continued growth in the quality of work provided to our clients through an efficient workforce, infrastructure, strong brand awareness, and client satisfaction in the animation industry.

Our Values

We have a keen eye for detail and maintain high standards of work.

We believe in featuring new methods and creative thinking in the line of work

We value the combined action of every member of the group in fulfilling their assigned roles.

We value dedication to work.

(SER NAH-ray)

The name “SirNare” is derived from the middle name of the founder, Kelvin Sanare Shani. The name came about during high school when a friend (K. Njihia) proposed that Kelvin change his artist name to Sapphire, which morphed into Sir-Nare. Nare is Kenyan slang for fire.

Sir – represents professionalism, quality, and trustworthiness.

Nare – or Fire represents the work that Kelvin does and brings to society as well as the ever-burning hunger for good quality artwork.

The spark in our logo is meant to symbolize the sparking of ideas and inspiration. We believe that shared experiences can create new perspectives and ignite innovation in business.

Fire represents rebirth, inspiration, enlightenment, and making a difference. The boldly designed logo features a spark to symbolize the sparking of ideas and inspiration that comes from interaction with the SirNare brand. We aim to spark new conversations, new perspectives, and new innovations with every client or creative we encounter.

“An idea is like a spark” Josh Linkner

A spark can be a multiplying factor – The more sparks interact with one other, the more fires are lit. It also represents sparking one idea and lighting many fires in a process called mentorship.

SirNare has created work for and with a wide variety of companies, brands, and agencies, including

Since its inception in 2015, SirNare Animation Studio’s primary goal has been to combine empathy-driven solutions with efficiency and professionalism. The studio has a bias toward results over perfection, ensuring that the customer receives a tailor-made solution at an affordable price.