The Sirnare team is committed to upholding the highest professional standards, while maintaining a friendly attitude with all our stakeholders.

We acknowledge that we are in a highly creative industry and for creativity to flow effortlessly it takes a specific environment, which we actively try to achieve.

For our clients to clearly express their vision and expectations, we hereby commit to doing the following:

– We will ensure that all client contact with Sirnare is of the highest professional standards.

– We will offer guidance in the thinking process to create animations that fully resonate with your audiences.

– We will patiently encourage you to paint us a picture of your envisioned end product and work with you to bring it to life.

– We will engage you at every step of the animation process to get your feedback for best results.

– We will strive to exceed clients expectations and encourage repeat engagements.

– We will deliver first class results within stipulated timelines and keep to pre-agreed budgets.

– We will act as an advisory body to clients in all projects and combine efforts towards the achievement of desired outcomes.

– We will graciously welcome any criticism to improve on our service standards.

– We will set quality standards in the animation industry and invite our peers to keep up with them.

To achieve all this we need our clients to:

– Provide us with the project briefs in a timely manner.

– Inform us of any changes that might crop up mid-poject.