Advertising has steadily moved from print to electronic media, from traditional to more modern channels.

What this means is that not only are consumers and audiences exposed to thousands of competing messages daily, the human brain has not expanded to keep up with the speed and volume of new information.

In the social media era, content is churned out at incredible speed, in incredible volumes, and yet many messages get lost in the noise. The only hope of getting noticed and standing out is creating viral and engaging content that captures the imagination and resonates with your audience’s daily lives. As Africa caught on to the whirlwind, a young entrepreneur decided to join the movement by creating a powerhouse for the best animations in Africa.

Kelvin, after being in the animation business for over 10 years and having acquired a flair for developing only the best animations, founded Sirnare with a view to providing people and organizations with amazing animated content that not only captures the attention and imagination of target audiences, but is also entertaining enough to be memorable long after they have been in contact with them.

His razor sharp focus on Sirnare being the number one animation studio in Africa easily reflects in all the projects that Sirnare has been commissioned to create. With brands such as Safaricom of Kenya, Tigo of Tanzania and Unga Limited of Kenya trusting.

Sirnare with the development of their audio visual content, Sirnare is well on the fast track to being the best animation studio in Africa.
When asked about this speedy growth, Kelvin, the Founder and CEO of Sirnare Limited says that the secret to the growth of any venture is attracting and engaging the most important asset in business, people.

Sirnare has an operational policy of hiring the most talented professionals in the industry, then creating the most conducive environment for
them to produce their best work.

Further, Kelvin says that the best strategy for churning out best animations time and time again is having eagle-focus on the target audience for the content, then creating characters that resonate with the audience’s experiences, expectations, hopes and dreams. Audiences must connect to the characters emotionally if an animation is to be viral and effective. It must also have a fun edge that removes audiences from the realities of their daily world into the virtual life of the characters. Thus, animations must
incorporate fun in their messaging.

In the years since its inception, Sirnare has worked for over 50 top brands in Africa, and is focused on delivering only the best animation content to their clients. Asked what he envisions for the future of the company, Kelvin says, “Our premise is simple. Any message can be communicated through animation. Be it explainer video, process videos, good old advertisements, public health communication messaging, educational content, anything. The future of content is audio visual, and animations are the adverts of the future. The Sirnare crew is on hand to make this future a reality!